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Bedrooms and Closets

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Master bedrooms, the Kids rooms, Guest suites, Spare Rooms, walk-in closets... they are all part of a well planned home. Though these spaces in one house are relatively similar to the next, they are still designed with the individual homeowner in mind. Whether you need room for one, or multiple people per room; whether you are a resident or a weekend guest; whether you are young or simply young at heart; we can design and build a comfortable place to rest your head. And your closet can be specifically tailored to fit your needs. Do you have a lot of long pants? Do you wear evening wear and long dresses? Do you accessorize with belts and scarves and ties or necklaces? Do you have a collection of jewelry or watches that need to be safely kept? Are you "height challenged" and have a difficult time reaching the top row, or are you particularly tall and your shirts always drag the lower row? No matter your circumstances we can design the space to fit your life.