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Gallery Description:

Are your outdated bathroom fixtures crusting over? Is your shower cramped and dark? Are your sink and countertop full of stains? Have you simply outgrown your bathroom space? Any time is a great time to remodel your bathroom. Even using the same footprint of the room, we can usually create a more efficient use of the space. Modern features, compartmentalized storage, custom cabinetry, up-to-date fixtures and new wall and floor tiles can all be combined to create a brand new space you will enjoy spending time in.  Browse all the Bathroom Galleries to see how other clients have captured the perfect bathroom for their lifestyles. There are traditional granite tops and natural marble and travertine floors and walls; eclectic combinations of stone and glass, light Florida style blues and greens, dark black fixtures surround by blue granite, glass block, clear glass enclosures, separate private spaces and even a beautiful wet room combining shower and tub in one enclosure. Enjoy the photos and then give us a call so we can help you design and build the perfect space for your lifestyle.