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Summer Kitchens, Porches, & Pools

Gallery Description:

Summer Kitchens are prime real estate in Brevard County! This is the most up and coming project request that transcends every market, budget and home location. Whether you are ocean front, overlooking the river, opened to a golf course, or sitting smack in the middle of town, a cooking and entertaining space outside is what everyone wants. These spaces incorporate the grill and small refrigerator almost unconditionally. From there the amenities just keep expanding. There are many with a sink, side burner, rotisserie, ice maker, warming drawers, wine coolers, beer kegerator, flat screen TV, high bar, fire bowl or fire place. We have even designed and built an authentic Mexican kiva! Many times, the area is finished with a simple stucco texture. But many products can be used to complete the project in a unique style like stone, rock, tile, granite, concrete, wood, or brick. We can install custom cabinetry components made of stainless steel or marine grade fiberglass starboard. The space can include room for a separate dining table, or all the seats can be at the bar. Whatever your outdoor cooking and entertainment needs, we can design and build it for you.