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The majority of our clients are considering a new kitchen. It is the Number 1 most requested project. Most people think their kitchen is outdated from the looks of their worn cabinets, dated appliances and old faded countertops. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) offers the following tips to help you evaluate the current condition of your kitchen and decide if you should remodel. Visit each of the Kitchen Galleries for a Tip!

Tip #1. Adequate space: Are you satisfied with the amount of counter space, cabinet space and floor space in your kitchen? The position of your refrigerator or shape of your counter may be taking away useful workspace. You need to have enough counter space to accommodate all basic uses, including landing area, preparation/work area and storage. Most of our clients want MORE counter space. older kitchens were designed with trapped corners, low levels of work light, limited space adjacent to the sink, and all but NO space adjacent to the cooking surface. Let us help you design your home with enough space to work efficiently.