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Kitchens are no longer the hidden room in the house. Years ago, homes were designed with kitchens tucked away. The cooking was done before the guests arrived. The cleaning was done after the guests left. But today that is all different. Today we have Living Kitchens! We entertain in the kitchen. We invite guests to bring a dish... but cook it here! We enjoy a glass of wine while tasting the chef's creations. The party revolves around the kitchen. So why not make your kitchen something to party about? The NKBA - National Kitchen and Bath Assoc. gives tips to help you assess the current condition of your kitchen and help you decide if it’s time for you to renovate! Visit the other Kitchen Galleries for all the tips! 

Tip #3. Location: Thinking about adding a deck to the side or back of your house? Incorporating a door into the layout of your kitchen would be a great convenience for outdoor entertaining. You also may want to rearrange the position of windows to allow more or less sunlight or to watch your children play in the yard.