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A Time to Play

Gallery Description:

There comes a time in every family’s growth when the children overtake the parents! This family was bursting at the seams with three teenagers and a new guy in the mix. The house was defined as the pinnacle “Kool-Aid” home… where all the kids played and as the teen years grew upon them that never changed. So a space was needed, separated from the main living area, away from the baby’s sleeping room, where the older children could stretch their wings a bit, enjoy the teen life, but still be under the watchful eye of mom and dad. So a Game Room which doubles as a Guest Room became the project goal. With a single story garage already existing, the opportune place to go was UP! Above the garage is now the Fun Spot… complete with a full size tournament pool table, gaming table, extra chairs, video gaming area, sleeper sofa, a shower bath and a bookshelf that extends the entire perimeter. Oh… and Mom and Dad got a new kitchen at the same time… exactly what this family needed to keep the peace and allow everyone a space to play!

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