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Hidden Potential

Gallery Description:

Sometimes a project seems obvious. This home had a kitchen – uninteresting… uneventful… a repeated design in a single-builder community. If not for the numbers on the mailbox, you might mistake this kitchen for any other in the neighborhood. Like most every home though, this space had the potential to be so much more! The homeowner wanted to bring a little “north” into her home but not lose the fact that they live in Florida now. She wanted her new kitchen to be stylish… even a bit sophisticated… and timeless. They wanted to incorporate a piece of granite and pendant lights that were selected years before that held special sentimental meaning. And how about an island… yes let’s add an additional workspace so that guests don’t have to sit and sip their wine amidst the raw food prep area. There were high ceilings to take advantage of… so glass display cabinets for all the homeowner’s crystal were artfully included in the design. A rhomboid shaped marble backsplash added the perfectly shaded compliment to the dark cherry cabinetry. A more efficient use of the pantry space, a built-in television display, under-cabinet lighting, interior cabinet lighting, and above-cabinet lighting all added the ideal finishing touches to a classically designed kitchen. The homeowner now delights in entertaining and revealing the potential that is no longer hidden!


Click Here to see what this kitchen looked like BEFORE we started and how the 3D images helped to transform the space!