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Twice as Nice!

Gallery Description:

This project involved a fairly standard home is a fairly neutral part of town. The home wasn’t really too small, but the homeowners wanted more space none the less. The home wasn’t really that old, but the homeowners wanted something more modern anyway. The home had one bathroom and they really needed two, but three would be even better! The homeowners are retired, but it would still be nice to have an office... just in case. They had a one-car garage, but hey had two cars! So basically, though they could have continued living in this home without anything more...  TWICE the space would be nice too! And so an addition... bigger than the existing... was on the drawing board. A new family room, large master suite with sitting area, a home office, two master bathrooms, a two-car garage and a screened rear porch were added to the once modest home. Both showers are doorless designs; one also has a barrier free access. A large walk-in closet now doubles as a studio to paint in! And just when we all thought the project was complete, we decided to go ahead and bring in a brand new kitchen. This time the space already existed, yet still the cabinets and counterspace and pantry storage space doubled! And for the final finishing touches we added a new front porch and a brand new driveway. A house rebuilt... twice its size!


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