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Need for a New Old Space

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What do you do with a 1960 Spanish river front beachside Villa constructed with old-world materials… carved wood doors and genuine Saltillo flooring and brick walls and wrought iron and stained glass and all the charm you could imagine but NO kitchen?? This home literally has enough entertaining space with the two large family rooms and oversized courtyard and covered dock house to bring in over 100 people at a time… but the kitchen was a mere SPOT on the floor with passageways like tiny corridors where no one was meant to pass. Without adding a single square foot to the layout, we “knock out” a wall or two; restructured the bearing points; removed the dark and gloomy components; and rebuilt the space into one of our largest kitchens ever! Browse these pictures to see how we designed this existing space to encompass all the style of the surrounding home and yet offered these homeowners a brand new space to entertain in! We reused the original carved inlaid cabinet doors and combined them for a wall of storage and coffee center. The carved closet doors were refashioned into a pantry. The new space includes the incorporation of a brick barrel ceiling bar area, genuine copper sinks, double dishwashers, a triple oven, an induction cooktop, double pot racks, benches and stools and three separate counter bars plus a dinette table give way to more than 15 seats in the one conjoined area! With nearly 60 linear feet of countertop space, this kitchen will serve well all that come to pass!


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