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Found Treasure

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This average home of 1600 sqft, located in an under developed part of town, built in the 70’s and always owned by the same family, just couldn’t be sold! There was too much family history in this house. Yet nothing about the home’s layout worked for the current family of four. The kitchen was one of the smallest we had worked with at only 7’-0” wide, making it nearly impossible for more than one person at a time to use the space. The laundry was cluttered with all the utilities and storage and the main entry of the home. The bathrooms had been partially rebuilt by several homeowners yet never quite finished, and lacked any modern convenience. The master bath didn’t even have a counter! These homeowners hesitated to ever invite guests over as there simply was no place to gather. They feared their children would grow up without ever learning to cook as there simply wasn’t room to teach them. So a whole-house renovation was in order! Without adding a single square foot to the footprint of the structure, nor changing the exterior look, we transformed this home into a masterpiece of space! This family now hosts regular dinner parties, gatherings for work and play, family reunions that SHOCK the older generation, and they are proud to say that their children have become experts in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals for all. As well, we created a beautiful dining area that doubles as an office with hidden bookshelves that disappear into the walls. They also renovated a lackluster front window into a cushioned window seat that is unrivaled in its size and comfort! Take a peek at this Treasure found... within the walls of their grandparent’s home!


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