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Green with Envy

Gallery Description:

Sometimes you get a customer that just wants something completely different… something that isn’t seen every day in every home… something eye catching… and most importantly… something that makes her HAPPY! She had a standard white kitchen with a not-so-exciting countertop. She had a small pantry closet that didn’t allow for much in the way of contents. She had heavy appliances she rarely used because she simply couldn’t get to them. She had a blind corner that was really more of a waste of space than anything else. And she had a strong desire to change all of the above! After many design proposals and many more selection options, we finally arrived at the perfect combination of color and texture and finish. What once was a boring and basic kitchen space is now a cool inviting happy place. This homeowner finds herself smiling each and every time she walks past her renovated kitchen. She now has beautiful wood cabinets in a soft green color with specialty trim that is custom and unique. There are custom components in nearly every cabinet including an automatic appliance lift for her heavy mixer. Now she can use this appliance at the touch of a button. But the “pièce-de-resistance” is her new found storage spaces! This home now boasts a pantry four times the size of the original, with specialty hooks, automatic lighting, and a magnet board for all her collections. As well there is a chrome pull-out corner basket system that is unrivaled in creating accessible storage in a blind corner. When it comes to efficient use of kitchen space, her friends are green with envy when they see this happy space!

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