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This is where we call home… well at least during the daylight hours! This 6,240 sq. ft block building was designed with office space under 10’-0” ceilings with warehouse storage under 16’-0” high open rafters. The whole structure is protected from both wind/storm damage as well as theft with roll down hurricane impact shutters that are battened down each night. Each office within the building is fashioned with a different theme. We have a Key West room with an exterior overhang donning metal 5V crimp roofing and wooden corbels. There is a purple conference room... yes PURPLE…  to help clients lose their fear of color. There is a classically colored office space with sound battens disguised on the walls. And there is the “head guy’s” office complete with dark engineered wood floors, white trim and colorful car parts hanging about! Browse these pictures to see how we live every day in our home away from home.

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