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Our Room With A View!

Gallery Description:

The 1980’s brought many beachfront condominium projects to the Coast of Brevard County. That’s the good news. The bad news is, most of those condo units are still fashioned in the very dark and cut-up style of that era. The designers of the 80’s certainly didn’t see a need to experience the “million dollar” view from every room of the home. Moreover, the color schemes are anything but light and airy. The rooms are dark and separated from each other. The 80’s also gave us hidden kitchens. The cooking, as well as the cleaning, was “woman’s work” and was to be done behind closed doors and walls. WELL NOT ANY MORE! This unit now has a wide open kitchen with a view of the ocean! And it has room for guests to enjoy a beverage and interact with the cook, or even join in the meal preparation! As well, the master bath which was once a small dark corner of the unit has now been reconditioned into a wide open space with a beautiful flowing vanity and a large 2-person walk in shower. All these renovations are easily completed in a home on the ground. But a condominium project entails shared bearing columns, conduits for electrical, plumbing, and alarms that traverse the units in the most inopportune places. Re-creation of space with such strict limitations can be challenging at best. Browse through this gallery to see all we were able to accomplish is this once dark space.


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